The logo consists of the company’s corporate name “Two By Two”, as well as an image depicting a young boy stretching out with one hand towards a butterfly. The young boy represents Two By Two’s primary target audience – preschoolers. The butterfly symbolises the fulfilment of potential, having begun its life cycle as a vulnerable caterpillar and overcoming various challenges before ultimately emerging as an adult butterfly that is able to fly freely wheresoever it desires. Two By Two provides a conducive and nurturing learning environment that enables every preschooler to reach out and maximise his or her potential.



Blue is the colour of trust and integrity, which represents the confidence that Two By Two is able to instil into parents as a centre that provides quality preschool programmes. Orange signifies the creativity and vibrancy that Two By Two incorporates into its curriculum to help students achieve their learning objectives.



  • Lifelong Learning – Our centre and educators are committed to learning, innovating and providing the best teaching methodologies and imbuing children with a love of learning throughout their lives.
  • Passion – Nurturing young children better than any other preschool or enrichment centre for Mandarin programs, motivated by our deep love for children, challenging ourselves to exceed expectations and inspiring them to embody positive values: curiosity, resilience, integrity, tenacity and creativity.
  • Quality – Committed to providing quality and innovative programmes that emphasize Mandarin, and having a personal approach




Two By Two is committed to providing an unrestrictive and non-stressful learning experience for young children by taking the dreariness out of learning. Through its play-based and experiential curriculum, the school is able to provide a thoroughly enjoyable process which, at the same time, also yields positive learning outcomes.