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Two by Two is a preschool cum enrichment centre with an innovative and dynamic curriculum. We specialize in language acquisition in young children, particularly in Mandarin and we have successfully developed a curriculum that not only takes the tedium out of learning Mandarin, but also develops a child holistically in English, Math and Science. Our children are exposed to a wide variety of subjects, including the Arts and Sports and are encouraged to constantly explore and experiment.

We have been in operation since 2010 and have built a reputation as a centre for quality, play based and experiential programs. We have successfully created a stress free, natural learning environment in order to nurture an effectively bilingual child.


Two by Two Schoolhouse is blessed to have an incredible team! These women bring a wealth of knowledge, positive energy, and genuine care and concern for the children under their charge. As a team, they create an inviting, enriching and exciting environment in the classroom. Individually, they are caring and dynamic teachers who constantly encourage children to try new experiences and embrace life long learning.

 TeacherLianneYiLing The Management
Teacher Li-Anne & Teacher Yiling
Two by Two Schoolhouse was founded on the philosophy that play shapes how children make sense of their worlds, how they develop thinking skills, and how they acquire language. Being experienced educators themselves, these two mums strongly believe that structured and imaginative play is a crucial component of a child’s development and a holistic exposure to diverse subject matter will ultimately influence all aspects of a child’s life. Li-Anne and Yiling wanted to create only the best environment for their children to learn during their formative preschool years and they constantly strive to continue to work with their teachers to maintain strong links with parents and the home in order to develop an effectively bilingual, creative, resilient and morally upright child.



Ma Qing Laoshi
A committed and passionate teacher, Ma Laoshi holds a Diploma in Early Childhood from KLC and has been teaching in reputable preschools in Singapore since 2006. She has been with Two by Two Schoolhouse since our incorporation and is one of the pillars of our teaching staff. She wholeheartedly believes that children should learn through play. She is engaging, yet firm and her lessons are always enriching and totally enjoyable – our children flourish under her care and dedication!



Chen Laoshi
Chen Laoshi has been in the field of Early Childhood for the past 30 years and she brings with her a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of children’s psyche. She believes that lessons should be enlivened in order to ignite children’s passion for learning. A warm and nurturing teacher, her students thrive in an environment filled with constant positive reinforcement and acknowledgment of all achievements, big or small. Watching her charges develop into self assured and curious children with sound values is her greatest joy.



Zhang Lin Li Laoshi
The youngest member of our team, Zhang Laoshi is a graduate from the East China Normal University, majoring in Early Childhood. Dynamic and highly versatile, she is a proficient dancer and her enthusiastic and wide eyed little charges are proof of her engaging lessons. She injects her lessons with lively music, drama and creative activities and the children love simply being in her presence. She believes that every child should be exposed to a holistic education that includes Music and the Arts and that learning should always be made fun. Her passion for teaching shines through in her high energy classes and children naturally gravitate to her and thrive under her guidance.


Ke Bi Chun Laoshi
Ke Laoshi graduated from FuJian Normal University and was teaching music to primary school children until she relocated to Singapore in 1993. Since then she has obtained her Diploma in Early Childhood from both Seeds Institute and Beijing Normal University and has been teaching in reputable preschools in Singapore. Extremely proficient in music, Ke Laoshi loves playing the piano, singing and dancing. Her easy going and warm personality endears her to the children under her charge, while her love and care for them allows them to achieve their greatest potential. She imparts to the little ones a love for life itself and to constantly view values with the highest regard.


We aim to promote the development of a child with the attributes of curiosity, resilience, integrity, tenacity and creativity.











Our Philosophy

We love the energy and uniqueness of children. It is this inherent love for children that has led us to develop programs committed to laying foundations that will provide them with a yearning for lifelong learning.


Our Mission Statement

We want to be parents’ preferred partner for innovative teaching methodologies in Mandarin, and to establish a one stop hub offering quality and unique Mandarin programs.


Our Strength

Our strength lies in providing quality and innovative programs that emphasize in Mandarin, taking the stress and tedium out of learning the language. Through our signature experiential and play based approach, our children will embrace the language and ultimately enjoy it


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Awards Finalist

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