10 tips to creating a positive learning environment for children at home

You want your children to succeed in school, but are at loss of how to support them in their studies effectively. Here’s some direction: The best place to start learning is closer than you actually think – home.


It doesn’t take more than a home to create a positive learning environment. It is crucial for a child to have such an environment to stimulate interest and promote learning. Such an environment not only consists of the physical setting, but it also encompasses how the child feels or responds to the setting.


Children nurtured in a conducive home learning environment possess a firm foundation of positive attitudes and learning strategies – resources that teachers can tap into and develop to mould them into lifelong learners.














Sure, schools and educational centres make up a huge part of your child’s learning journey, but learning should definitely not be confined inside those walls. I believe that families need to be open to learning at home. After all, the home is always the first ‘classroom’ where your child learns her first word or takes her first step. Children spend most of their time at home so it is important to make it a place conducive for learning.


Take stock, reflect and plan the improvement of the home learning environment. The checklist below provides activities that promote a positive home learning environment. Parents can use this checklist to reflect on what has been occurring at home. All ratings of “never” or “sometimes” merit some attention.





























The environment plays a major role in how your child can maximise his/her time studying. Be the resourceful parent that creates opportunities for your child to learn. You can do this by developing good study habits in your children from an early age, so that this will all come naturally when he/she moves on in life.